2018-2019 Connectional AMEWIM Dues
2018-2019 Connectional AMEWIM Dues
Thank you for paying your Connectional AMEWIM Dues online. Dues for the current year will be received until May 31st.
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Please select your membership and dues payment below. Please note: Dues can be paid in advance but cannot be paid for past years.
Full Membership Dues: for women ordained to the itinerant ministry
Local Membership: for women ordained to the local ministry, licensed evangelists and licensed exhorters.
Advisory Membership: for superannuates who have retired from active service in the itinerant or local ministry.
Associate Membership: for male and clergy members
Student/Licentiate Membership: for women enrolled in an institution of higher education on a full-time basis and/or women licensed to preach and preparing for ordination.
Global Connectional Dues cannot be received online. Are you a member of a Global Membership (Districts 14-20)?
Reminder: This payment is for Connectional AMEWIM Dues ONLY. Episcopal District, Annual Conference and Presiding Elder dues must be paid at that respective level.
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